Middle Street Walk

“Where the Past is Present”

The Middle Street Walk is a community event organized by volunteers and supported by the City of Gloucester, Massachusetts, businesses and organizations in the Middle Street neighborhood, and generous private donors.

Saturday, December 9, 2017 will be the 20th Middle Street Walk

If you have ideas for our 20th Middle Street Walk 2017, contact Gloria Parsons at schtruant@verizon.net!   

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2 thoughts on “Middle Street Walk

  1. The Present from our Past
    By Peter A. Todd 12/10/2014
    Poet Laureate of Gloucester Mass 8/10/2014


    We welcome you to Gloucester’s Middle Street walk
    A historic place filled with heritage and fame
    From the many homes we hear in tourists talks
    Of the buildings that have had many famous names
    Our Sawyer Free Library a gift to Gloucester present and past
    The many homes that align each side
    Such as the Sargent House Museum and the Universalist Church
    Our cities first Town Hall now American Legion Post Three
    The new Lorraine Building that has risen from a tragedy
    Our cities Temple Ahavat Achim refused to perish from the flames
    To the Trinity Congregation, the Trinity of three
    Pastor Rose of its past from whom his preaching many gained
    We invite you to take a little walk to explore
    Our cities center from its past to its present
    We know through this journey in time you’ll want to see
    All its beauty of how old time craftsmanship can be from door to door


  2. Please let me know if you receive this

    Walking Path of Gloucester’s heritage

    By Peter A. Todd 12/11/2014

    Poet Laureate of Gloucester Mass 8/2014 – 2018


    We begin our walk in the majestic entrance
    With the famous pictures of our cities past
    Such as the men and women who served in wars
    Or the leaders of yesterday their heritage cast
    A stroll around the Fred Kyrouz Chambers
    Its spirit of many moments of our cities past
    A place where all would gather in celebration
    For the holidays feasts or parties in the hall
    In years past where basketball was played
    Or where gatherings were held for fancy balls
    We journey to the top of the City Hall Tower
    Where in each round widow you can view
    The cities fishing boats coming into the harbor
    Their hopes and dreams by their catch renewed
    We have below our clock the Samuel Sawyer bell
    Above of which sets his table with each leg its lessons to tell
    Last of all we explore the Balcony of those who led
    Our city and what their wisdom gave us to this day
    That of not looking back, but moving ahead
    Gloucester will grow and lead us the right way

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